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At the end of my life, I want everything important to be documented with either a scar or a photograph.

A few years later…. March 17, 2013

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I love and hate reading my old Xanga entries because it’s nice to know what I used to do, but man I was such a dork!!!


Currently I’m sitting next to my sweet Gabriel. We have been living together for a month and a half and it’s been wonderful. He is such a sweetheart and I am so lucky to have him. We started dating August 5, 2012. We were in the hot tub when he asked me. He was like “I’m surprised we aren’t official yet” or something i can’t really remember something along those lines and I eventually made him come out and ask me. Our first date was June 25, 2012. He came down to San Marcos and we went to a bar called Zellicks and talked. 


Katy is here with Kandys, it’s their spring break and they came in to Austin to visit SXSW, Gabe and I tried to go for a second but it was insanely crowded.


I am working at RBFCU. I started last year on January 30, 2012. I started as trainee, got promoted to teller 3 months later, then got promoted to MSR last august. I got a 75 cent raise for that promotion. Then, I moved to Austin and I moved to the Austin ASC in the remote member assistance  department, they had  to promote me to MSS and gave me a standard of living and overrride raise. So, I got a 2.50 cent raise for that. I went from 11.50 to 14 an hour. Not great but much better! I hope to keep moving up! i am enjoying where I work, although this week was pretty bad since we had 8 of our 28 reps on vacation. We didn’t get to have  lunch breaks a few days and I worked 48.25 hours this week.


Everything else is going pretty well, I have awesome friends and family. I’m pretty boring these days but I have my Gabriel and I am happy. ๐Ÿ™‚


Sexy Sharon February 5, 2012

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What happens on gloomy days in San Marcos? We go exploring of course! These are just us having fun in the woods.


Katie graduates from Texas State January 6, 2012

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Katie’s senior pictures were basically just us having way too much fun in the leaves. San Marcos is beautiful and green in the summer, but the yellow leaves make me way too happy.


Baby Coleman November 23, 2011

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This is baby Coleman. His Mom, Lindsey, wanted pictures of him. Who needs clothes and even to leave the house when you have FANTASTIC window light?? So we took advantage and ย turned on his favorite show and opened up the blinds.


Dark and Light

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One day my friend Katy and me were bored so we decided to try out my camera (using high ISO, long shutter speed, and the lowest aperture which is 1.4 on the lens I was using)blocking out all light besides the Christmas lights and a candle. The results, I think, are pretty cool .It was really fun!


Rebel Week 1 November 20, 2011

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So, what do you do after spending all your moneys on a fancy camera? Make your friends go test it out of course! This is my first week with my camera.


The Beginning

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One day Drew and I decided to be artsy and go take pictures with my Canon point and shoot digital camera. It was a lot of fun and I realized if this is what I could do with a little point and shoot, some amazing things could be accomplished with a real DSLR. The next day I went out and bought my Canon Rebel t2i. Thanks Drew for bring my motivation. ๐Ÿ™‚

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2011 January 15, 2011

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So, sorry about all that nonsense in the last post. Apparently it’s untrue…anyway! Happy 2011 xanga! SOrry i’m a couple of weeks late. On new years I drank a little too much and went to Drew’s where I mostly hung out with Christy Nortman and Rachel Binagia. I then decided that I needed to have a heart to heart with Ryan, why do I do these things? Then I argued with some guy named Blake about his closeminded view of Christianity. I do not like that guy, unfortunately the boys do so he is always around. :/ It’s ok though because most of the girls don’t care of him either, win. 

The day after new years Ryan had a swag party and we wore our prom dresses, sooo embarrassing! OH well. 

School started this week and on MWF i have film production with Todd, Buddy, and Brent from 9:05 to 11 and racquetball 11:15 to 1205 with Todd. Then on TR I have Memory and Cognition with Brian and Photography after that and on thursdays I have a night class with Brandi and Hannah with Dr. Roth, it’s called Psychology of TV and film genre. 


Best Buy is sooo dumb, i applied and got an interview at compass and fivepoint but I don’t think i’ll get them because of my night class. I’m ok with it though, after I graduate God will lead me in the right direction. Yep…






Welllll I have work at 3..i need to shower..and the princess diaries is distracting me. 


great day December 6, 2010

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Today my daddy got confirmed! yay, I didn’t go which I feel really bad about, but I didn’t wake up in time. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


But me and Katy went to Katy Mills Mall and shopped. I bought two shirts for 5 bucks each, and some wallflowers for my room. We really had a great time, we stopped and got coffee on the way home ,and had good girl talks about boys and making out and we laughed a lot. As well as singing really loud and out of tune, always fun. Then Todd texted me and was having a good night so we went and played mario at my house. Great day. ๐Ÿ™‚



On a side note which no one will probably ever read:


To all the boys, men, and the guys who can’t figure out which one they are: 


I am constantly hearing yall talk about how much girls suck and how there are no good ones left, and you can’t trust them blah blah blah. When what they don’t realize is that all those girls that have been in their lives and have done those things, have probably done them because a guy had hurt them in the past. And what they don’t realize is that the girl they want so badly, the nice one that will love them for them and appreciate them is that girl that’s right next to them. I hate how in movies it’s always a ugly guy who gets a pretty girl, but when does the plain girl get the good guy? When does the best girl friend become the girlfriend? Never? THe excuse “Oh, I don’t want to ruin our friendship.” Ok, but what if we could be great together? What if we’re mean to make it? And even if we aren’t meant for forever, that doesn’t mean that we can’t grow with each other and be friends when we do break up. Does it? Why wouldn’t you want to be with the girl that loves you for who you are, good and bad. Who laughs at your stupid jokes, and is always there when you need her? SOunds great, but instead it’s always the prettier girls or the girls willing to open their legs…or the projects you think you can change and then you’re surprised when they break your heart. (who do you cry to when they do? Oh, there’s the girl you won’t give a chance again) And for boys wishing they can find a good girl,  God is probably saving your from yourself and knows you will mess it up, so instead he is letting you learn to lvoe yourself, grow, and get ready for her before he puts her in your life. And who knows, maybe your best friend is supossed to be a stepping stone to doing all that. Or you’re supossed to be one for her…IDK

Oh xanga how I love to rant in you


Good times. Good friends. April 22, 2010

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Well this is gonna be a long entry!

I went to LSU a few weeks ago, and Brian and Michael rode with me. THere was a costume party and I was a jelly fish. Everyone absolutely loved my costume people would take pics with it and a guy at the club asked to borrow it. Afterwards a girl asked Royce if he knew who I was because people thought I won the costume contest haha! I had a lot of fun! Way too much fun actually. I drank a lot and forgot my ID and had to use emmilees when I got to the club it was pretty funny!

Last week was my 21st bday and i went to the casino with my mom ricky maw maw and Faisal and Todd! I lost 160 bucks which is gay! Then on Saturday Me, Melissa, Aaron, Erin, Bowl, Clifton, Tommy, Kara, Hannah, McGee and Maci went to Olive garden! Then got dessert at Cheddars. Cookie monster yummmmmm. Thennn we went to Brianas for her bday party which was white trash..then we went to Drews to pregame and Maci ran into the glass door and broke it and got all bloody and i drank too much and threw up for 3 hours at drews and never made it to dixies hahah

The other day I made out with katys ex after we went and saw Kick-Ass

ummmm i don’ tknow what else!